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Language Translator

Our Language Translator helps you to Connect with your Friends, Family, love ones, stranger or even business clients. This tool is packed with popular Global languages across every continent From A to Z.
The App has simple yet useful Text to Speech and Speech To Text Engine that easily process any Text to sound and sound to Text. The App also has settings that can be configured to suit your preferences. Translations can also be copied and shared with friends on all social media platform.
The presence of a Zoom-in and Zoom-out Button will easily enable you to see clearly how some foreign Global languages characters look like.

The App has Unique Features Such as :
TTS, T2T or Text To Speech Engine
Zoom in and Zoom out Buttons
copy and share functionality
Speech and Pitch Sliders which are also customizable

Connect With The World With Our Best Language Translator

Ghana Radio App

Ghana Radio FM Stations - Music, News, Sports
Listen to your favorite Music, News and Sports Program with Ghana Radio FM Stations App
App works with or Without Headset; you do not need a headset to enjoy your favorite station.
Our App Supports background Streaming(You can use another app whiles listening to your favorite radio and Fm Stations)
Looking for a particular radio Station, Use our simple yet powerful search engine to discover it with ease.

Ghana Radio FM Stations, enables you to listen and enjoy variety of genres like classical Music,
rock Music, Pop Songs,instrumental,Hip-hop Music,Gospel Music,talks,news,comedy shows, Live concerts,Livescores,sports commentary and other variety of Radio programs In Ghana.
Find in App Adom FM,Joy Fm,Peace FM,Oman FM and many top Music, News and Sports Ghana Radio FM Stations, you can think of.

Ghana Networks Promo Codes

Ghana USSD Codes Dialer - All Networks:
Discover exciting offers with Ghana USSD Codes Dialer. The App is a one touch powered software that contains carefully selected Short codes of all the Top Mobile Telecom Networks in Ghana. Perform Simple Daily task such as ; Checking your credit and data balance, loading Airtime, checking of your phone number, Borrowing Airtime, calling customer care, bundling internet Data and more.

Ghana USSD Codes Dialer is Aimed at helping you to easily subscribe to Promotions or unsubscribe from services of your favorite Telecom Networks such as MTN, Tigo, Vodafone, Airtel and Glo without any hustles or the need to memorize any codes.

To use Ghana USSD Codes Dialer, Simply touch the Menu button and select your preferred Network, then click on any of the services you are interested in to automatically perform the task. Very Simple!

The App Features; MTN short codes, Vodafone Short codes, Tigo Short codes, Airtel Short Codes and Glo Short codes.

NOTE: Ghana USSD Codes Dialer App is Not Affiliated to any of this Telecom Networks. The  Aim of the App is to save you from the hustle in memorizing every code and to provide you with Direct and easy access to Network promotional services.
We are continuously making improvements. Please Always update your app to the latest version to get new shortcodes.

Social Status Designer

Colorful Status Designer and Quotes Maker:
Use our Status Designer and Inspirational Quotes Maker, to Add Text, Words or Caption Over your Photos and Images. Easily Put Text on Photos, Images or Pictures and Style it up with our Numerous Stylish Fonts.

colorful Status Designer and Quotes Maker has a very Easily Crafted user interface (UI) with a Smooth Navigational Control that makes the App's Usage very Easy for everyone.

Colorful Status Designer and Quotes Maker has a Camera and Gallery Picture upload Functionality Enabling you to Load your own customized Background. This will Easily help you Write your Text on Photos, Images and Share your inspirational Text Images with the World of Social Media.

Colorful Status Designer and Quotes Maker includes;
• Gallery Upload and Camera Support
• Change  Size, color and Fonts Style of your Text Easily.
• Make High Quality Inspirational Customized Text on Photos,
• App Has a Lot Of Predefined Background images and colors for users
• Style your Text on Photos With Stunning Emojis
• Save and Share With all social Media Platforms With Just A Tap Away.
Download,Create and share your Motivation with Friends on social media


Checking your Blood Pressure,Temperature,Pulse Rate and Respiration Rate is just a Scan away from your finger with our Vital Signs App, .
Vital Signs : Blood Pressure and Temperature Checker App is Built For Fun and Educational Experimental Purpose only.
Use The App to take your BP and Body Temperature Readings in real time, compile the different values and make analysis out of the different results.
The App does not require any External hardware devices or attachments.
The App is not intended to be used as a Replacement for Real hardware Devices in the medical Facilities.

Best Blood Pressure and Temperature Checker : (Features)
Ability to check your BP (mmHg)
Ability to check your Body Temperature (°C)
Ability to check your Pulse Rate (Bpm)
Ability to check your Respiration Rate ( Bpm)

How to Use App;
-Open the App and Choose a Vital Sign Such as ; Blood Pressure, Temperature, Pulse Rate etc
-Select your Age Group and Press the Scan button
-Place your Finger on the Finger Print Activator.
-Hold your Finger in position on the Activator until Scan is over and Your Test Results Displayed.
Have fun playing with Vital Signs App

This App is For Fun and Educational Purpose only and should not be used as a replacement for real medical hardware equipment used to Check Vital Signs. Use it as a tool to PRANK your friends and have fun learning


Ultimate JHS Syllabus - Ghana
Our App is designed with focus on flexibility to enhance easy and quick access to your GES JHS Syllabus.

For Students: The App will help you monitor and keep track of your learning progress, whiles encouraging you to finish the required content needed to pass your examination.

For Teachers: The App will guide you to prepare the right teaching and learning materials for your students, it will also enhance your time management required to complete the syllabus before students final examination.

For Parents: Use this App to monitor the progress of your wards in school by ensuring they are been taught what is required by the syllabus. you can also use it to help your wards by quizzing them with the content of the App.

Ultimate JHS Syllabus - Ghana, contains the following subjects : ICT, Mathematics, English Language, Integrated Science, Social Studies, Religious and Moral, French, Pre-Technical Skills and Ghanaian Language.


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